Redeem Rebate Post-Purchase

Image of a happy electric vehicle owner in Delaware

Applying for the Delaware electric vehicle rebate is easy. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, from checking your eligibility to submitting your application. Get started today and take advantage of the electric vehicle incentives in Delaware. Once you've purchased an eligible vehicle, you can apply for the following rebates in two easy steps.

New Electric Vehicles Base MSRP Below $40,000 Base MSRP $40,000 - $50,000
Battery Electric $2,500 $1,500
Plug-in Hybrid $1,000 $1,000
Used Electric Vehicles Fair Purchase Price* Below $40,000  
Battery Electric $2,500  
Plug-in Hybrid $1,000  
*The average national purchase price for a specific used vehicle model and year, as determined by Kelley Blue Book.

Step One - Apply as a "Supplier"

By purchasing a clean vehicle, you supplied a service to the state and will need to apply as a "supplier." Find more information in the New Supplier Registration Guide or watch the video below.

Register as a Supplier

Be sure to note your Supplier ID, as this is required in the rebate application.

Rebates will be issued based on the information put in the supplier portal; incorrect information provided during the application submission process or information that is not up to date with the State of Delaware Division of Accounting may delay the payment timeline.

For assistance, please contact the Supplier Maintenance Team at 302-526-5600 or

Step Two - Apply for the Rebate

Navigate to the DECVRP application portal and submit the required documentation within 90 days of purchasing or leasing an eligible new or used vehicle.

You will need to supply the following documents. To expedite your application process, be sure to upload legible copies or images in one of these accepted file formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DOC or DOCX. If any of your documents have multiple pages, please combine them into a single file prior to uploading.

Please note, your application is considered submitted once all supporting documentation is successfully uploaded and you receive an email confirmation.

Proof of Delaware Residency

A copy of the applicant's current (not expired) Delaware driver license should be submitted for proof of residency.

Image of Delaware License

Purchase or Lease Agreement

This is the legally binding contract signed at the dealership before taking delivery of the vehicle. It stipulates the terms of purchase or lease and may be on carbon paper or a digital copy.

Image of purchase or lease agreement

Current Vehicle Registration Card

Applicants must provide a copy of the current permanent or temporary vehicle registration card showing the vehicle is registered in Delaware under the applicant’s name or leasing agency. Temporary vehicle registrations for out of state purchases are accepted.

Image of Delaware vehicle registration card

About Taxes

This rebate may be considered taxable income by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the Delaware Department of Revenue. It is the sole responsibility of the recipient, individually, to seek professional advice and determine the tax consequences of this rebate.

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