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The Delaware CVRP is dedicated to promoting electric vehicles in Delaware. Our mission is to drive sustainable transport forward by making electric vehicles more affordable through our rebate program.

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To participate in the Delaware Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, you must meet the following requirements:

Dealerships that meet the criteria outlined above are eligible to enroll in the program.

Enrollment Step One - Apply as a "Supplier"

Register as a "supplier" with the state of Delaware. Find more information in the New Supplier Registration Guide or watch the video below. To receive rebate payments, you must be registered as a supplier with the state of Delaware.

Register as a Supplier

Be sure to note your Supplier ID, as this is required in the rebate application.

Rebates will be issued based on the information put in the supplier portal; incorrect information provided during the application submission process or information that is not up to date with the State of Delaware Division of Accounting may delay the payment timeline. For assistance, please contact the Supplier Maintenance Team at 302-526-5600 or FSF_Supplier_Maintenance@delaware.gov.

Enrollment Step Two - Complete Application

The enrollment process is simple - click the button below labeled "Enroll Dealership" and complete a short form to get started.

Please note: The individual that fills out the enrollment form will be considered the primary contact for the dealership and will be responsible for managing the dealership account. Typically, the primary contact is either the dealership owner or general manager.

Enroll Dealership

Enrollment Step Three - Dealership Account

Once the dealership enrollment form is submitted and verified by the program team, the primary contact will receive an email containing their dealership's unique ID for the Delaware Clean Vehicle Rebate Program along with a link to Create an Account. The unique ID is required to ensure the primary contact's account gets linked to the dealership's program account.

Each dealership will receive three accounts – one for the primary contact and two employee accounts. Employees can create their own accounts and link them to the dealership's program account using the same unique ID that is provided to the primary contact.

Create Dealer Account

Enrollment Step Four - Account Dashboard

After the dealer account has been created, the dealer dashboard can be accessed. This is where the primary contact will input the dealership’s banking details for ACH electronic payments. ACH information must be provided before the dealership can begin submitting applications.

Once ACH information is provided, the primary contact will have access to all of the features on the dashboard, including the ability to manage which employees can access the dealership’s program account and an overview of all applications that have been submitted by the dealership.

Employee dashboards do not have the same functionality as the primary contact. These dashboards are focused on submitting rebate applications on behalf of customers and assessing where each application is in the approval process.

Required Documentation to Submit Applications

Dealers must submit applications for rebate reimbursement within 30 days of the purchase or lease date. The following documents must be submitted with the application:

  • Proof of Delaware residency via a current Delaware driver license. For other forms of accepted documentation, please see the Implementation Manual.
  • A copy of the purchase or lease agreement.
  • Proof of temporary or permanent Delaware vehicle registration.

Dealership Reimbursement for Rebate Applications

Payments will be issued based on the information entered in the Delaware supplier portal. To expedite payments, please select the ACH payment option when registering as a supplier. Once an application is approved, payment is sent to the dealership within 45 to 60 days of approval. Unexpected processing delays may occur.

Depending on the volume of applications submitted by the dealership, the reimbursement could include multiple applications in a single payment. The primary contact will receive an email when payments are sent that outlines which applications are included in the payment.

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